Wednesday, March 29, 2006

McLuhan's Massage

Marshall must be laughing his ass off on the other side and brandishing heavenly high fives for all. If only he were here to view the spectacle, it would make his life. In the span of only a few days two exalted guru's of the mystical media have removed all doubt and sealed the coffin on what honest folk have known all along. The media's total contempt for the truth supports a cancerous ego that prevents an honest reporting of facts. Not only that but it supports the fact that Dan Rather's "Fake but accurate" mantra is systemic.
On Monday the editor in chief of CBC news, Tony Berman, punched out an article titled "Thanks, Mr. Loney. Just don't read the news." Tony was contemptuous of the folks who found much fault with the pacifists in general and Loney in particular and consider him, as I do, a useful fool. Our Mr. Berman pays homage to Loney and his ilk and in the process lays this bomb on us:

"....It coincided with some of the main conclusions of a major study the CBC has conducted about what Canadians "want" and "need" from their news media.

According to this study, more Canadians than ever feel that news shouldn't be a passive process. It should stimulate action and engagement, and help connect Canadians with the major challenges of our times."

There you have it. It's not the news he wants to give us, it's his interpretation of the news that's important. He thinks we are fools and that his twisted value ethic is superior to that of the citizens of Canada. The man is bonkers, totally out of it. They must be smoking really strong stuff at CBC headquarters. Read the whole piece of trash here.

There is small wonder that there are many of us out here who would like to see the CBC abolished. The waste of taxpayers hard earned money is well known and to have to pay for being visually and verbally assaulted is the last straw.
Richard Evans at Canuckistan Chronicles posts an open letter to PMSN to eliminate all public funding for the CBC and it's a good one.

Round two, surprise, is not something completely different.

Larry Zolf penned a piece yesterday that reminds me of Col. Jessep in "A Few Good Men." You know the scene where Lt. Kaffee tricks Jessep to blurt out, "You're damn right I did." Well, our man, PNSH, just hoisted Zolf and I love it so.
Zolf said:

"Harper'’s treatment of the media is that of an ingrate. The media made Harper. The media also first made Trudeau and Mulroney. Later, the media made both Trudeau and Mulroney and their parties suffer at the polls.
A similar fate awaits Harper if he doesn'’t change his basic suspicion and hatred of reporters and news commentators."

The arrogance is palpable and we can visualize the drooling salivava splashing on his keyboard as he pounds out his hatred for the man on the Hill. Read his whole diatribe here.

Two days, two loonies. To quote Maggie Muggins, "I don't know what will happen tomorrow!"

I nods to SDA.


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