Saturday, March 18, 2006

What is a Moderate Muslim?

I was linked to The Pink Flamingo by LGF and he answers the question thusly:

Scalia of course is brilliant. But still this quote struck me as even more brilliant than usual. Can you imagine taking this out of the context he meant it and applying it to say....Islam?
Scalia Rails Against the 'Judge-Moralist'"What is a moderate interpretation of (the Constitution)? Halfway between what it says and halfway between what you want it to say?"
So what is a moderate Muslim, someone who is halfway between what the Koran says and what we infidels want it to say?

I am just asking the question and the reason is the comment left by
Rockin' Hejabi
on my Lord Jello piece. It seems to me that a great many Muslims defend valid criticisms of extreme Muslims instead of censuring them. CAIR and their Canadian counterpart are fine examples of groups that seem as dedicated to defending radicals as it is to fostering inter faith and social issues. CAIR calls itself a "civil rights" organization but in reality it is anything but. Why would a civil rights org. call for a probe into the U.S. foreign relations vis a vis the Israeli prison attack? CAIR has been called a shady and disgusting organization by Christopher Hitchens who was a co-plaintiff in a case concerning NSA wiretaps.
There is a wealth of information here that will remove all doubt about what CAIR is all about. The list is long and the references are irrefutable. It appears that so called "moderate" Muslims are attacking the wrong targets or perhaps they are not really "moderate" at all!


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