Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chinese Blogger in Jail

Blogger Hao Wu who has a site known as Beijing or Bust has been incarcerated in China and there is no news of what has happened to him or the charges other than the State has acknowledged that he has been detained and he has spoken briefly with his family. He was picked up on Feb. 22nd by the Security Bureau and suspicion is that the authorities want to use Hao's videos to prosecute underground churches. More info at The Peking Duck and here.

I have sent a letter to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa and invite you to do the same. Here is the addy.

The ambassador is H.E. Lu Shumin
Snail mail
515 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 5H3

For Americans the embassy in
Washington is here.

I nods to Instapundit.


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