Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Life Imitates The Onion, Again!

Actually it's worse than that, it's Monty Pythonesque and it would be hilarious except that literally, billions of lives are involved. Yup, that was illions with a B.

I am no fan of the UN, yah, I know our very own Dufus Pearson came up with the "Peacekeeping" force idea and every Canadian can now be assured that there will be no more wars, only Canadians keeping peace around the world. Cue a rousing rendition of "We are the World," while I puke.

Are you ready for this?

The IAEA, that's the International Atomic Energy Agency, Director-General, Mohamed ELBaradei spoke at a conference of German dentists.... Woah you say! He spoke where? Well it was in Karlsruhe, right where the Rhine takes a big left turn and where I used to have some fun many, many years ago, but that's another story.
The head of the IAEA goes to a dentists convention in Germany and says:

"The title of my talk is 'Putting Teeth in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Regime.'

Blows my mind! What's even worse is that the speech is nothing but bullshit. Mo blathers on about his five measures and then abdicates responsibility. He is part of the problem. The IAEA has no teeth, pardon the pun, in this case and he knows it. I would dearly love to know the real reason for Mo to travel to Germany to address a dentist conference. It doesn't make sense. I suspect he needed an excuse to go purchase some piece of art or antique piece of furniture and this was the cover.

As I said the UN is a total waste of time, energy and money. All the UN accomplishes is to give a legitimate platform for petty dictators, despots and thugs to throw grit into the wheels of progress.

The fact that the IAEA D-G is named Mohamed is of no consequence either, right? Naaaaaah!

I nods to the unknown blogger.


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