Monday, March 27, 2006

The phony Pacifists

I have noted in an earlier post what I thought of the CPT and Melanie Phillips really lets them have it in today's Daily Mail:

"They appear to be outraged only by the violence on one side – and it is always their own side. Thus they were welcomed by Saddam Hussein when they presented themselves in Iraq as human shields against the invasion. Now the targets of their campaign in Iraq are the coalition soldiers against whom they draw up inventories of allegations of abuse -- which in turn foment further violence that claims the lives of coalition soldiers and Iraqis alike.

In a devastating put-down, Iraq’s embassy to Canada has lashed out at the Peacemakers, calling them ‘phony pacifists’, ‘wilfully ignorant’ and ‘dupes for jihadism and fascism’, and accusing them of being on the side of the anti-democratic forces in Iraq.

But pacifist anti-western prejudice has an older pedigree. In 1945, George Orwell wrote: ‘Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other; but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States’."

Read the whole pithy story here.

I notice Debris Trail over at CJ has a point of view on the story too.

Update: Peter Worthington, in the Sun takes a shot at the CPT also.


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