Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Night He Became An American

Over the years I have run into people, figuratively, although on one occasion quite literally who no matter what you said or tried to convey, could not change their convictions of who you should be based on preconceived notions. It doesn't bother me anymore but I do confess that at first I found it hard to fathom. While I am not a social philosopher I do believe the effect of the last fifty years of biased and vicious journalism especially European and middle Eastern has painted a very slanted and derogatory picture of America and Americans and by implication Canadians.
The author Lee Harris recounts how he came to terms with who he really is in a piece titled "The Night I Became An American." While on the night train from Innsbruck to Vienna."

"I was an American, and, therefore, I had to be the kind of person who, when in a strange land, would make a bee-line to the closest McDonald's, out of fear of tasting the food of foreigners."

It's a great story and the Guy de Maupassant ending is sublime.

I nods to TCS Daily.


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