Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jane Fonda, We Are Holding Your Seat!

One slimeball Georgia senator, that's Georgia USA not the original, decided he would sycophantically suck up to Jane Fonda. That would be Steen Miles (D-Decatur) that means he is a Demorat from De kater not like it looks in French.
Old Steen-O introduced a resolution to honour Jane for her community work especially her role as founder and chairwoman of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. This was only one of hundreds of resolutions that pass through the Georgia senate every year but Senator John Douglas suddenly realized that Resolution 1189 was a slap in the face to the veterans of America said, "Woah."
slimy Steen tried to withdraw his resolution but Douglas pushed for a vote.
Guess what?
Defeated 38 to 1.
Some days there is justice.
Visit Douglas' site here and read the story from a real American's point of view.
To quote Patton, "I love it so."

And then from Iraq we have the following, thanks to the grouchy old cripple.


There are days when you just feel really good about being right!


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