Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blather On, You're Cut Off!

We all know about the forged Texas Air national Guard documents that Dan Blather tried to foist on us and his 2 ic Mary Mapes who is, unbelievably, still on the lecture circuit trying to convince idiotarians that the fakes were real! Well old Dan showed up in Cherry Hill, that's in South Joisy not Manuels, and proceeded to lecture about "Tough questions and the follow-up." Taking Dano at his word, our man in the street asked a tough question and when he got a disingenuous response he went for the follow-up at which time his mic was cut off. Beautiful, just John F-ing Kerry Beautiful! Sad part is if he had dealt with the question there and then the rest of the world would not now what a weasel he really is. Read all about Jim Walsh's head on with the Danster here.

I nods to that lesser Captain.


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