Friday, December 31, 2004

The Chickens

Way back in the early sixties when university students wore ties and jackets at least when you attended MUN, that's Memorial University of Newfoundland; there was discipline on campus, small as it was, and all was orderly, well mostly. I remember a particularly obnoxious student, Gwynne Dyer. A silver spooner and a very smart dude whose persona I wish I had the ability to market. If I could have bought him for what he was worth and sold him for what he thought he was worth I would have been a millionaire. G had uncanny recall ability and would love to sit in class and read a newspaper, usually the Daily News, now defunct, just to show off and drive the Profs nuts. G joined the Navy Reserve much to their dismay, as it turned out. That's where he got his modicum of military education, but G as usual figured he knew more than the whole military milieu, not locally but even globally, just ask him. He has pontificated and bloviated for many a decade and spewed his left wing ideology throughout the Anglosphere and beyond. He reminds me of Idiotarians who fit the Chomsky mould. He has progressed as The Dan has in his dedication to the belief that the facts don't matter, it's the perception and the belief, the intense inner feeling that he is right that matters. Many years ago G had promise but his superego, (not the Freudian) led him astray and now he is a pathetic wizened old fool trying to fabricate an image that doesn’t' exist.
All of the above is just a fluff of down compared to the total picture and the reason I am bringing it up is Norman's Spectator of the Western Standard who has been on G's case about his tag line in The Star, “Gwynne Dyer is a London-based independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.”
He talks about burnished qualities because the line is an outright lie and as I observed over forty years ago, as a teenager, no less, Gwynne Dyer is only interested in making Gwynne Dyer look good. Everything else is negotiable.
Bottom line; when a supposed intellectual inflates his appeal to the masses it severely questions the relevance of his message. I should have bought him in 62; he's not worth much now.

Read the reference here.


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