Friday, December 31, 2004

Masters of Disaster

It never seems to end, it goes on and on ad nausium. The incessant attacking, the unending assault. I am talking this time about a Slate piece by Dana Stevens aka Liz penn who just put out a piece. on TV's coverage of the disaster in which she praises CNN and of course bashes FOX. The problem is that the reasoning is bogus. She says: "...CNN provides disaster coverage that's consistently informative, seldom tasteless, and almost never altogether stupid."
The give away here are the words seldom and almost. Fox is always and never. Dana or Liz or whover she is cannot possibly have watched much of the FOX coverage, if she had she would have seen practically non stop coverage. She must not have known that Bill O was on vacation and his fill in, John Gibson, who has performed a supurb job, has been talking to on the ground reporters and has done so since day one. FOX has been on this with many reporters around the clock since the start.
Dana/Liz needs a new brain, I'll get her a ticket to OZ. I have looked at CNN and they are reporting a hell of a lot of drivel, you know the gliterati and social crap, tons of Paris Hilton and other vacuous entities stuff. The whole article need never have been written. What a waste.


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