Friday, December 31, 2004

Media Casualties Mount As War Success Continues

Rand Simberg of Transterrestrial Musings writes a brilliant piece on the Old Media as they are decimated on the Plains of Truth. It makes a great strawman for a documentary. Heres how it starts:

The ranks of print, web and broadcast pundits and journalists continue to be decimated by enemy action as the war progresses. The total number of casualties are becoming almost uncountable, and are overwhelming the limited field emergency facilities. This reporter got a first-hand view of the devastation and tragedy in a visit to a typical field hospital.

That sets the scene and here are a few gems:

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the infirmary is the smell. The stench assaults the nose--it's a pungent blend of moldering printer's ink and decaying sanctimony.

...the Taliban and Al Qaeda started to collapse without warning. We came under fire ourselves. Huge shellbursts of cruel reality and vicious satire were exploding all around us, and dangerous facts were whizzing just past our ears, sometimes right in one and out the other..."

He had been leading a frontal assault on common sense, when he was cut down in a withering fire of logic and irony by a brigade of blogger sharpshooters and fact checkers.

An orderly brushes past him, wearing nose plugs. He is carrying, at arms' length, a slop-bucket full of stale cliches, failed paradigms and illogical conclusions, in search of some place to dump them where they won't contaminate the local educational system.

The piece had me in stitches and while Dan Blather won't be impressed those who know the meaning and use of the word "logic" will thoroughly enjoy it. go here.

I nods to Hugh Hewitt


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