Friday, March 10, 2006

Gutless Rabble

I was directed to a Rabble forum by RC and the gist was that Our folks in Washingchuck had no business putting up a website that "glorifies war."
Soooooooooo I went over toRabble and threw out a few verbs and boy did the shit hit the fan. It was fun until I was unceremoniously dumped. It only proved my point about freedoms. Sad sad sad.

slave has communicated to me that they published the above. The interesting thing is that while they called me a troll. I provided chapter and verse and the response was "fuck off." The issues I raised were not dealt with in any real way. Most of those moonbats would argue "free speech" up the ying yang but only if it agrees with their way and they cannot deal with the real world except for one nut from Iowa who would come here and shoot Americans if they invaded. Think about that. He wants to leave his home country and for some obscure reason conjures up a scenario of the U.S invading Canada and then fighting to the last to defend Canada. OH, the sauce on this cake is the Canadian who considers him a fine soldier and would consider it an honour to soldier beside him. Yah, to the nearest bar and bullshit about all the great things they could do together, (cue wizard of Oz music) If I only had a brain.

John Kerry has some plants out there and maybe that's the real invasion of Canada. Scary thought!


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