Monday, February 13, 2006

More Cartoon Capers

The Cadre,UPEI's dead tree tome will not post my comments on it's web site. Seems that censorship is alive and well on the red sand bar.

The Saturday edition (2-11) of St. John's only ink staining heavily leftist rag had a column by the editor, Russell Wangersky, Titled, "This is no time for playing chicken" where he uses the usual specious arguments for avoiding publishing the "Cartoons." The man needs to attend a few serious courses on freedom of speech because he obviously doesn't believe in it. The best line in the piece,
"Freedom of expression may be a fantastic right that we enjoy in our society, but so is the right to the quiet enjoyment of hearth and home. So is the right of religious freedom, and the right to exercise that freedom without fear of ridicule."
Russell just doesn't get it. If we have freedom of expression then we have the freedom to offend, if not then we live in dangerous times and just as is happening now the Muslims are trying to eradicate free speech so that their speech is the only one to be heard. How dumb can you get if you give into their rants?
An interesting dichotomy is blatant on the same page. Just above Wangersky's column is one by the sycophantic Bill Rowe who can never really make a bold statement but comes close when he says," a role of vigilance to play." That's as close as he can get to actually stating that the media have a duty to tell it like is and it is all the more astounding when he references the media's role in the Mount Cashel debacle. Plus ca change...., sigh!


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