Thursday, March 09, 2006

With George in India

The recent visit of POTUS to India and the subsequent nuclear agreement has caused many pundits to throw a few verbs into the ring. One piece caught my eye because I am into "The Anglosphere Challenge" by James C. bennett. The piece at Albionn's Seedlings makes a few very good points that have gone largely unnoticed in the west. For instance;

And in fact the Anglosphere, plus Japan and Israel, is gradually emerging as an informal U.S. alliance system that often works better than the formal NATO one. In this new world alliance India is a junior partner to nobody except the U.S. And the more India is seen as a dominant power in an Anglosphere alliance rather than a subordinate one in a purely U.S.-India alliance, the more easily India will shed its nostalgia for its days of Third World leadership.

Read it all here.


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