Saturday, December 25, 2004

Whose Ox is Gored?

I like damian Brooks, I really do. Never met him but you get the feel for a guy (gals too) when you read their blog. Damian almost always seems to have his feces coagulated so when I read his less than thought out wack at our Danny Boy, well...... I just had to fire off a few verbs, to wit:

Ah! Chauvinism has reared it’s ugly head I see. Me thinks the babbler doth protest too much. And what I may ask would Cpl. Murphy think of your using his name for your cheap stunt? What business do you have mouthing off and taking it upon yourself th state what Cpl. Murphy would have said. I am a Newfoundlander and put in almost 25 yrs as a pilot in the RCAF (That’s what I joined) and have Buried 17 of my buddies so you don’t have to think what I would have said; read it!

Most Mainlanders haven’t a bloody clue about Newfoundland and furthermore Newf is a pejorative term for your information. As far as the” flag being dragged through the mud” Cut the bloviating. The flags were taken off the flagpoles and put away unlike the loony leftist mainlanders burning US flags, so get real.

Newfoundland was Shanghaied into Confederation and if you were to come to the province you would see as many Union Jacks flying as the Canadian flag and as many US flags too. Aproximately half of living Newfoundlanders were born under the Old Duster and the Newfoundland (not that ugly arrow flag pointing to Toronto) no, the pink white and Green and they weren’t born Canadians, myself included. We were born Newfoundlanders so you’ll pardon us if we don’t fly off the handle like you folks. If the flag is the people then the people had better wise up and treat Newfoundland as an equal.

Since Confederation This province has been decimated by Qttawa not just Paul Martin, he is only the latest manifestation of the debacle. Newfoundland knows how the Irish felt when England raped their land.

You folks up-a-long can just get down off your high horse before we take our province and go home. If you think Les Quebecois are a pain in the ass, You haven’t seen a half million pissed off Newfoundlanders and they are pissed, almost to a man.

There! I got that off my chest. I feel better now! Off to the folks for dinner, It will be great, Dad is a week and a half from 94 yrs old and still sharp as a tack, tough Newfoundlander, Mom is getting help from Doc. und frau with the dinner prep. and It's 16° C outside, that's 60° F for the folks in Lower Scrot, while there are blizzards in Texas. It's an omen¡

Per Ardua Ad Astra


Blogger Mike P said...

I am a Newfoundlander, living in Alberta and I read your comments on Damian Brooks' blog. There is also a discussion the flag flap at Damian Pennys blog.

9:42 p.m.  
Blogger Kateland, aka TZH said...

I haven't blogged about this because I am now an ignorant upper Canadian transplated from the Mirmachi but my gut response was good for Danny Boy. The Feds have mismanaged the fishing industry and hog tied the maritimes in general for generations. Perhaps I can hope that Newfoundlands still have their backbone and can be a light onto all the Maritime Provinces.

9:09 p.m.  

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