Thursday, December 23, 2004

This Will Take Off

Over the years I have been up-braided by instructors and on occasion have even had individuals break down and cry and others have come to me and mention, sotto voce, “Weren’t you a little hard on so and so?" All these incidents had one thing in common; sarcasm! I have always used sarcasm, admittedly not always the appropriate tool and not without a sometimes twinge of guilt. During my flying instructor days we noted sarcastically that you should never use sarcasm without adding the appropriate amount of ridicule and fear. The temptation was always there especially when the recruiters sent you someone who should never have been allowed to drive a nail let alone an aerospace vehicle. So, where are we going with this? Well! I was ecstatic today when I read Babbling Brooks and he had a link to a recommended site where Josh Greenman has invented the sarcasm point. It is just what I have always wanted but didn't know it till now and its Christmas; perfect! I guess it's the good clean living¡ There I used it and with glee too. Josh has jumped into the sarcasm chasm and we are now off and running. Read all about it here, it's a great piece.

I nods to Babbling Brooks.


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