Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Back Door Intelligence

My agent whom we will call Clausewitz, (not his real name) has informed me of the following, vis-a-vis my last, via covert and secure coms. The italics are mine and are for reader edification.

"As for the Danes fighting their way up to our Islands, there was a minor panic in ZX (Greenwood NS Air Force base) because they only had one serviceable bird (long range patrol aircraft) and that would mean canceling all the rest of the scheduled taskings for the rest of the week, so there was a bit of nail biting (this is pathetic) before they sent it up.
As for the free press article two factual errors: China didn't install the Air Defence System in Iraq, it was France; not that it makes much difference. Secondly, I can't see how the premier of Ontario would be able to cut a program to root out Chinese agents in Canada, that would be a federal matter and we all know that CSIS never seems to know much, nor do anything so I have my doubts about Bob evening knowing about the program or if it ever existed."


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