Monday, May 15, 2006

World War II Through Todays Eyes

VDH is one of my favourite guys and as usual he nails it.
I find the leftoid view of reality rather dispicable and to give you a taste:

The Present Debacle

May 21, 1945 — After the debacles of February and March at Iwo Jima, and now the ongoing quagmire on Okinawa, we are asked to accept recent losses that are reaching 20,000 dead brave American soldiers and yet another 50,000 wounded in these near criminally incompetent campaigns euphemistically dubbed “island hopping.”

Meanwhile, we are no closer to victory over Japan. Instead, we are hearing of secret plans of invasion of the Japanese mainland slated for 1946 or even 1947 that may well make Okinawa seem like a cake walk and cost us a million casualties and perhaps involve a half-century of occupation. The extent of the current Kamikaze threat, once written off as the work of a “bunch of dead-enders,” was totally unforeseen, even though such suicidal zealots are in the process of inflicting the worst casualties on the U.S. Navy in its entire history.

Worse still, our sources in the intelligence community speak of a billion-dollar boondoggle now underway in the American southwest. This improbable “super-weapon” (with the patently absurd name “Manhattan Project” — in the midst of a desert no less!) promises in one fell swoop to erase our mistakes and give us instant deliverance from our blunders — no concern, of course, for the thousands of innocents who would be vaporized if such a monstrous fantasy bomb were ever actually to work.

Really sounds like the New York Times view of Iraq with the date/time group changed.

go here to read the whole piece.

I nods to CJ.


Blogger Master Dogen said...

"I am disinclined to put much faith in someone who thinks that Jan 1st was the first day of the new decade. We have a year to go before that happens. "


You know, all dates are just conventions. If people colloquially refer to the year that ends in a zero as the beginning of a decade, you might quibble, but to take that high and mighty tone is just silly.

Was 1990 the last year of the 80's?

12:35 p.m.  
Blogger Master Dogen said...

Also, this sentence shows bad parallel construction:

"Simple comprehension precedes complex ones."

Better English would be "Simple comprehension precedes complex thought [or comprehension]" ... or ... "Simple comprehensions precede complex ones."

See Strunk and White for more on parallel construction. Normally I don't bother policing stuff like this on the internet because, you know, it's completely pedantic and asinine. But in your case... I'm sure you see the appeal. Cheers!

12:45 p.m.  

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