Monday, January 17, 2005


Deep Skipper checked in today from distant climes and noted that the Capt. is out of sorts. In this DS is most correct. The Capt has not been up to snuff and a visit to the herb Dr. will I hope start things back to normal. In the meantime the provincial snowplow operator for my area will be nominated, by me for the "Scrapeus Maximus" award for 2005. Our area received a stupendous 2 inches, maybe less. The first plow went by my place at 06:04, I know because he woke me and I looked at the clock. The snow petered out and was all but stopped by 09:00 and by noon the damned plow had gone by 16 times, that's 8 times each way. It started to rain around 14:00 and the valiant plowman made one last run out and back at just after 15:00.
It is now just after 21:00 and there is no snow to be seen, it's all melted, the temperature is a hefty 54° and the snow plows are snug in their beds where the mechanics are working overtime to get them up for the next onslaught. The drivers are at home snug in their beds dreaming of all the overtime they have put in today. The suppliers are smiling because they will sell the Highway department new plows next year because the ones they have now will be worn out, the fuel suppliers.... the salt and sand suppliers.... the dispatchers.... the taxpayer, ah yes the taxpayer, the dufus, he gets to give these bastards more money. I now know why there is a Canadian gun registry.


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