Thursday, January 13, 2005

Go Figure !

Newton is a suburb of Boston and everyone in Newfoundland knows where the Bosting States are! My own grandfather sold fish there many moons ago. The math scores have been in decline at the local school and all the educators just can’t figure it out. One serious reporter didn't take long to find the answer and my point in bringing up this story is that the sort of myopia and agenda driven concepts as practiced in Newton can happen anywhere. The short circuit need not be race, it could be language, it could be pumping diversity, and it could be religion or whatever the latest leftist nostrum may be. Children do not need to be taught anything else, "In school" other than what has been proven over the years to get the child to the next level of achievement. Cut the crap and all the superfluous piffle. I recall a class where the students had to take time away from legitimate work time to dress speak and put on a show including cooking, all in Japanese. Nothing against the Japanese but give me a break. I knew the teacher and he was so wrapped up in it that he didn't know when to quit. Blew my mind.
Read about Newton here.

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Blogger Kateland, aka TZH said...

I discovered much to my horror when my daughter was in grade 4 - 5 years ago that the schools will no longer use times tables drills. So I taught her and her brothers - now my youngest is in grade 5 now and he is the only child in a class of 32 that knows the times tables by heart. He is also the only child not failing math, furthermore, Ministry of Education in Ontario can't figure out why more than 35% of grade 9 students are failing math in Ontario so they are going to make the questions easier. But is just not math. After grade 6, the schools no longer are obligated to teach grammar. Homeschooling or private schools look better and better.

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