Saturday, January 08, 2005

Annieopsquotch Intelligence Agency

Setting up an intelligence agency is no mean feat. As a long time Military type who held at one time two clearances above top secret I know all about intelligence. When I was approached by certain High level individuals to start a Blog I knew at the outset that the first agency I needed to establish was one that could provide me with,"Actionable intelligence." The last few weeks have been an experiment in getting my feet wet, so to speak; I fooled around with all sorts of topics as any of you can easily discern just by perusing the past posts. Now we are getting around to serious stuff and a lot of my time has been devoted to assimilating all the raw data from my agents. I know what you're thinking, "Annie.....What?" Well! Let me just fill you in but only on a need to know basis.
Everyone has heard of the clandestine goings on that have transpired in the Great Smokey Mountains, but nobody talks; yup! And then the same for the Ozarks; uh huh! And then there are those other areas one of which was made famous in the movie Deliverance. Starting to get the picture? Well I won't hold you in suspense any longer. Have you ever heard of the Annieopsquotch Mountains? I thought not! The caves of Bora Bora are mere cubbyholes compared to the rooms of Annieopsquotch. This area is so secret that the only thing you will find when you do a search is a lot of boring geology crap, but there's the rub. I recognized the potential and that's where the headquarters of the world’s foremost intelligence gathering organization is now headquartered.
The AIA, that's right, the AIA, remember those feared initials, the CIA is a wuss in comparison, I mean what kind of an intelligence agency brags about its headquarters sitting as large as life all out in the open in Langley Virginia? I don't suppose I need to even mention the Canadian "puzzle palace" on the Rideau. I defy anyone to find the AIA headquarters in the mist and scrub spruce, which is almost impenetrable, darkness of the Annieopsquotch Mountains. I have spent many wake less nights getting my agents into the field, no, not Tunnys pasture, real fields afar. I have obliquely referenced a few of my stalwart agents in past posts an as I move forward you will be riveted to your PC as the real events come tumbling forth. Ah, we live in exciting times and there is so much to cover. Tune in tomorrow for a most interesting expose, you will not be disappointed!


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