Tuesday, December 21, 2004

View From The Bay

The usual panorama that greets my morning eyes has been reduced to a blurred view of the marina and its many boats up on the hard for winter looking like so many beached whales. Boats out of the water have always made me feel uneasy; it's like watching a fish out of his aqueous domicile slowly dying. The wind is roaring and gusting up to 100 KPH, that's 62.12 MPH for those in Lower Scrot, and the rain is almost horizontal. No lights going up outside today. Inside lights today.

The emasculation of the world has been kicked up a notch. Get a load of the sitzpinklers.
It started in Sweden. A sitzpinkler is a man who sits in a restroom when he doesn't have to.
I nods to Andrew Sullivan.


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